A workshop series taking you where you haven't gone before...
Inner Work of Impact Deep Dives Are:

  • A quest to unveil your higher purpose
  • An expansion through and past your inner growth edge 
  • An inner-standing of how old stories, traumas, beliefs and mindsets are impacting our inner world which is impacting our outer world and outer impact
  • An expansive journey to widen our perception and activate all levels of our multidimensionality
  • A place to explore the nexus between our personal inner work and our impact as change agents
  • A commitment to a new way of leadership
  • A transformational journey to unleash our potent medicine (our unique and seasoned gifts) in the world
  • An awareness of how our unresolved inner programming impacts our work as impact agents and what to do about it
  • A vision and personal roadmap for who we get to be as renegade leaders ushering in a new paradigm
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Deep Dive One: Your Higher Purpose Pivot: The Path of a Conscious Leader
We are all being called in this moment to re-align with our purpose and unleash something even more- our higher purpose. In this Deep Dive we will:

Deep Dive Two: Your Story is Your Medicine
Deep Dive Three: Quantum Leap into Your Destiny: Master Your Powers of Perception
Deep Dive Four: Vision & Manifest Your Most Powerful 2022
Inner Work of Impact Deep Dives...
  • Dive in and move through our Inner Growth Edge
  • Uncover hidden blocks you have to fully speaking our truth
  • Deconstruct the identity traps that keep us stuck and playing out a role we've outgrown 
  • Tap into who we really are and what we're really meant to do in this moment where the world looks totally new
  • Create a roadmap and strategy to let go of what no longer serves us as we claim and step into our next level of becoming
  • Leave this session with at least one major breakthrough, feeling inspired and ready with action steps to move the needle of our higher purpose forward 

  • Learn how to use one of your most powerful perceptual states that most people never tap into
  • Uncover your default perceptual state and how it can be limiting your highest destiny 
  • Understand how fate and destiny are different yet both are optional timelines we get to choose 
  • Tap in and choose your highest timeline now
  • Enjoy a deep process of unraveling limiting patterns and learn a simple strategy to create new neural pathways toward mastering your 'powers of perception' 
  • Leave this session with clarity on your quantum leap, accountability to take it- (or your next step to begin) a deeper commitment to the voice of your soul, and potent breakthroughs so you keep moving forward
We're using only a tiny fraction of our powers of perception. It's our perceptual mastery that allows us to tap into higher purpose, joy, health, abundance (with joy), ease, flow, clarity, and our most solid winning mindset. If we're not aware of how programmed our perception is, we continue to live our patterns and programs over and over until the lesson gets too loud to ignore. Be part of this unique Deep Dive and: 

Every part of our life happened for us to feed our medicine, our gifts, our offerings with the world. It's our opportunity to dig in and leverage it. In this Deep Dive you will:

  • Go on a deep journey to unravel the part of your story that has left a negative imprint in your subconscious mind - which plays out as repeat patterns and limiting beliefs
  • Find new gifts in your story to fuel your higher purpose, mission and next evolution of who you are choosing to become
  • Embody a new level of inner power
  • Craft your signature story - the part you can use over and over in various talks, keynotes, introductions and presentations - or in how you perceive your Self
  • Leave this session with wounds of the past shifted, emotional healing, empowered positioning - inside and out, plus a your signature story crafted for practical use and application going forward

The Inner Work of Impact is a journey of coming home to who we really are so we can do the work we're really here to do. Taking time out to intentionally vision the new year, new beginnings, and to reflect on the past year, is an act of self love. Self love is required for the highest healing, maturation and inner impact and of course love is required for the highest outer impact. In this Deep Dive you will:

  • Experience a shamanic journey into your subconscious mind where you will connect with your higher self to receive messages you need to hear at this very specific time
  • Be guided with a beautiful trail map for a nourishing reflection on 2021 with a tool to pull out the gifts you will intentionally bring forward
  • Be guided with a beautiful trail map for 2022 where we will use all of our perceptual states (It's best if you participate in Deep Dive Three for this though not required) to create our most powerful year ahead - intentionally
  • Leave with inspiration, clarity and a trail map for how you will move forward and create in 2022 in your physical wellness, your higher purpose, your business, your path of soul mastery and how you will contribute deeper impact in business, leadership and in your life -from inside out
"Don't go back to sleep." Rumi.

Time: 10:00 am - 12:30 pm EST  - leave a buffer for extra time!
Hello, I'm Stephanie

Business mavericks seek me out when they secretly want a shaman yet prefer to bill for a lawyer or an executive coach. Having lived multiple lives in one, I bring an eclectic mix of off the beaten path experience and intuitive, business, spiritual, legal, magic, healing, impact, innovation, mindset, strategic and futuristic mojo to my clients.

I’m the creator and host of Catalyst Talks Podcast, founder of Intentional Paradigms and principle at Trager Law, the Conscious Contracts Firm helping thought leaders protect and scale their genius while rippling their impact.

I’ve been dubbed a ‘legal midwife’ and a ‘purpose whisperer,’ coupling sharp business acumen with potent intuitive gifts. As an Earthkeeper I’m on a mission to awaken consciousness on this planet so we can live in truth and harmony with ourselves, each other and nature. Our work together will take you where you haven’t gone before tapping into and mastering your next level of higher purpose, peak wellness, soul mastery and deeper impact in business leadership and life.

Let's dive deep together! Reach out here with any questions at all...
I'm a catalyst to catalysts and impact agents holding space in a sacred container for intellectual, analytical soul seekers ready to come home to who they really are to do the work they’re really here to do. Sometimes we struggle to align our truth with our brilliant minds and hard won identities yet this is how we tap into our next level of exquisite potential.

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